About Jesse's Warriors

Staff Sargent Jesse Lee Williams lost his life in Afghanistan when the Blackhawk helicopter he and 6 others were in was brought down by the enemy on December 17, 2013 while they were on mission. In the following days, family and friends, who only wanted to honor and respect Jesse, found that the American flags in the community were not immediately ordered at half staff for an American hero. Many friends of Jesse's and friends of his family took it upon themselves to go to local businesses and explain the loss of a hero and ask that they lower their flags. Most were gracious enough to immediately do that without waiting for the governor's order, which did follow in subsequent days.

These friends started calling themselves "Jesse's Warriors" as they traveled through Elkhart county in sub-zero temperatures, not just bringing awareness to the community about Elkhart's fallen hero, but that there is still a war going on and that many, many men and women are still fighting for this country.

In the days waiting for our soldier to come home for the last time, the idea grew that just as Jesse always helped a friend or family member, we wanted to do something to help the men and women who give up so much of their lives for us.

What We Do:

Jesse's Warriors raises funds that go directly to helping our military. Our deployed warriors have to buy so many of their own personal items - deodorant, toothpaste, snacks, - things many of us believe they are supplied, but are not. At times, these heroes have to purchase replacement uniforms or boots. There are some that cannot afford to pay for the flight to come home and see their families again. How we would have cherished to be with our soldier one more time!

any Veterans at home have a difficult time making ends meet while maneuvering the requirements for VA benefits.  Jesse's Warriors has stepped in to take that burden on and assist with utility bills, rents, car payments and medicine.

e also make it our mission to send a small written token to our precious Gold Star Families to let them know that their sacrifice and their Hero will NEVER be forgotten.

If we as a people do not take care of our own, who will take care of us?

Our History

In the three years that Jesse's Warriors has been helping our Heroes, we have sent over 300 boxes each year and have given a hand up to 52 Veterans with assistance paying rents, utilities, and medication.  ACCEPT THE MISSION! HELP A HERO!